Amani Naseem

The following games were conceived during “Play Around Nature” in a series of public play events in the Maldives, 2013.

The Goat Herder and his Fainting Goats

The Goat Herder and his fainting goats

Using an augmented reality drone the police is trying to collect evidence of the goat herder’s criminal activity. Players play as police, herders or fainting goats. All are all after the precious goods.


Bite sized water games

Bite Sized Water Games
Three small games played in water. These games are short, silly and loads of fun.

Jelly Stomp (played on knee high water)
Jelly Plop (played in belly-deep water)
Poisoned Sea (played in shoulder-deep water or deeper)


Sound of the Crowd

An audio-based game taking place in the Malé soundscape. Players are either demonstrators or police: the police will try to locate the demonstrators by hearing where the noise from the demonstration is, while the demonstrators are continuously gathering and scattering to avoid the police. Played with smartphones with headphones in the street.



Amani Naseem is a digital designer and researcher from the Maldives currently based in Melbourne. She works in transdisciplinary groups to create experimental games that have gained international recognition and have been shown at exhibitions and conferences (e.g. Meaningful Play, Michigan, Future and reality of Games, Vienna, CODE 2012, Melbourne) and at street games festivals (e.g. Playpublik, Berlin and Play:Vienna, Nordic Game). A member of the Copenhagen Game Collective, she is involved in promoting game culture by organizing game jams and curating workshops and events among the Indie Games scene in Copenhagen. Amani is undertaking her PHD in games design at RMIT 2013-16 Melbourne while curating w00t – Copenhagen Festival of Games and Play, and various games events in Copenhagen.