Sidsel Hermansen

In collaboration with Amani Naseem, the following games were conceived during “Play Around Nature” in a series of public play events in the Maldives, 2013.

Sound of the Crowd


An audio-based game taking place in the Malé soundscape. Players are either demonstrators or police: the police will try to locate the demonstrators by hearing where the noise from the demonstration is, while the demonstrators are continuously gathering and scattering to avoid the police. Played with smartphones with headphones in the street.

Bite Size Water Games


Three small games played in water. These games are short, silly and loads of fun.
Jelly Stomp (played on knee high water)
Jelly Plop (played in belly-deep water)
Poisoned  Sea (played in shoulder-deep water or deeper)



Sidsel Marie Hermansen is a Copenhagen-based musician, sound- and game designer. With a background on the vibrant alternative music-scene of Copenhagen in several bands, and a recent Masters degree in game design from the IT University of Copenhagen, one of her main goals is to build bridges between the game scene and people from other artistic fields. Sound and music, and especially the gray areas in between, are a pivotal point of departure for most of her work. She is currently in the initial stages of creating a game project with a group of non-games artists, writers and composers in Copenhagen. Additionally she will be creating interactive installations for the new music and performance festival Henry’s Dream, as well as inviting other game and interactive artists to create new experiences at the festival.