Mariyam Omar



Mariyam Omar, Inertia, single-channel video, 2012.

There is an attempt at literal translation or inertia from elements of repression and suppression. The irony of an aspect derived from the duality of control and a precarious nature in a group of islands. And the exploration of a predisposed idea that a semipermeable demeanor is arguably adopted by its society for adaptation for both the dire circumstances of its political situation and its natural existence. The pathos if its residue and the prevalence of the totalitarianism that spawned it.



Mariyam Omar was born in the Maldives in 1980. Her work focuses on exploring the idea of acquiring a sense of emotional perseverance or control in a repressive regime, both aspects in different parts or simultaneously. Her previous body of work consists of mainly paintings and exploring installations.

‘Untitled Works’, her first solo exhibition was held at the National Art Gallery in Maldives in 2011. She has exhibited in group exhibitions in different countries including the Bangladesh Biennale in 2008, ‘Puducherry Blue’ in India, Art of Change Commonwealth Women’s Exhibition organized by Kambani Arts exhibited at the Royal Commonwealth Society’s Commonwealth Club Gallery in London in 2011. Her most recent group exhibition was the XOPI Exhibition of Public Inquiry of public inquiry & expression concerning the events leading up to, during & preceding 6/7 February 2012, it was held at Male’ City Hall in August 2012 after the Coup.