Ida Marie Toft

In collaboration with Amani Naseem, this game was conceived during “Play Around Nature” in a series of public play events in the Maldives, 2013.

Bite sized water games


Three small games played in water. These games are short, silly and loads of fun.

Jelly Stomp (played on knee high water)
Jelly Plop (played in belly-deep water)
Poisoned  Sea (played in shoulder-deep water or deeper)


The Goat Herder and his Fainting Goats

The Goat Herder and his Fainting Goats

Using an augmented reality drone the police is trying to collect evidence of the goat herder’s criminal activity. Players play as police, herders or fainting goats. All are all after the precious goods.



Ida Marie Toft is a media artist and digital designer, working in collaborative groups to create games and interventions in public spaces. She currently works at The Patching Zone, a medialab for innovation and artistic praxis. Here she works together with students in a vocational school to develop an experimental mixed reality game for Rotterdam South. As a media artist and game creator, Ida has worked with internationally recognised artists and artist groups such as Evan Roth (US), Blast Theory (UK) and Translocal (FI), she has been involved in game projects across Europe and had a residency at Pony Ride, Detroit. Her work has been shown in exhibitions, conferences (e.g. Meaningful Play, Michigan and Future and Reality of Gaming, Vienna) and urban games festivals (e.g. Playpublik, Berlin and PlayVienna)