Age of Decadence / Generation: Awakening

Age of Decadence_ A Generation Aawakening-Cover Photo

Funko, Octacliché, Age of Decadence / Generation: Awakening, digital photograph, 2013.

A wild quest on the morally depraved and decadent look at our concrete island we call Male’ City. At this modern century it is utterly imperative that we ask ourselves, are we still easily submissive to societal folklore norms? have we learned from our past? or are we shedding skin, finally awaken and embracing a new age?
Some truly believe that we should be “compos mentis” to survive this onslaught of massive social/moral junk that are spoon fed by the decadent “self-righteous” society that is highly inevitable. Thus we could only declare that the emancipation of vulgus will be planted by the decree in which we ourselves perpetrate. Glide!


Project: Old Skool

Oldskool-Cover Photo

Funko, The Wait, Old Skool, digital photograph, 2011-2013.

Maldives in the modern century evokes the same disorderly movements of people isolated by the fracture of time. Island life is an absurd repetition of mundane cycles which comes back seamlessly sometimes for all eternity. The body language speaks of a void inside, faintly crushed under social confinement.
While our livelihood was falling apart, a new era promised us to the sky, a brighter future remained hoisted supposedly, until it broke down as soon as it rose, like a wave that crashed on the corner shores. Nationwide condemnation through megaphones and finger pointing through popular media has been the norm of the multi colored layers of a selected few, for the sake of just scoring a personal point but a few, while the common people painstakingly stand still and contemplate a positive discourse for a brighter future. A vivid future of universal brotherhood and social unity.
The fate of our “old skool” may never see the light of day and we ourselves become the old skool one fine day and that day might be too little, too late. For the sake of our unborn children, it’s imperative that we unite with love, peace and harmony and ride like a tidal wave that never breaks until the end of time for humanity.



Funkografik a.k.a Funko (Asad Nazeer) is a varied artist specializing in fashion and portrait photography. Based out of Male’ – Maldives, his work depicts experimental pieces that conjures up moodscapes and aesthetics by converging his placid yet fragile habitat as a canvas. He is inspired by nature, strange beauty, dreamscapes, introspection, female forms, music, films, sensuality of colors, and the juxtaposition between personal feelings and objectivity of art, as an expression of self identity.