Meir Tati

Meir Tati

Direct Aim / 2 channel video installation from Meir Tati on Vimeo.

Direct Aim by MeirTati, 2011-2012.

In military terms, Direct Aim explains the physical premise of shooting straight at the target. Political demonstrations are typically fraught with tension between military forces and the demonstrators themselves, because accidents invariably occur in this type of heated and frenetic environment, and innocent civilians often end up hurt. The proponents of the injured parties complain about the brutality of such shootings, and the military inevitably claims that it did not shoot at the innocent parties with the intention of “Direct Aim”.

This is a two- channel video work, which combines both documentations provided by the “B’tselem” organization, taken at various demonstrations within the occupied territories, as well as a performance documentation. During that performance, Tati’s body was hit by different objects both hard and soft, such as: tennis balls, flowers and teddy bears.

In this work, Tati becomes a crash- test dummy, enabling the viewer to experience that slippery and often un-shown moment, in which the shot hits the flesh. By creating this ironic parallel, Tati produces a somewhat “wholesome” picture of an inflicted injury- showing both the moment of the shot, as well as the moment of its encounter with the human body.


Meir Tati, born in Israel in 1973, has exhibited at Tel Aviv Museum of Art, CCA Andratx Mallorca Spain, FADO Performance Art Center, Toronto, Overgaden-Institute for Contemporary Art Copenhagen, Center for Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv, Gutman Museum, Tel Aviv. His solo exhibitions include THE KABOOM! PROCESS, Stalke Gallery Copenhagen, Tikkun, Kav 16 Gallery, Tel Aviv, and The Agency Project, Kibbutz Gallery for Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv.