1984 consists of seven childhood friends who play music solely for the love of it. Self-taught, they started playing musical instruments back in1999, as teenagers. They played cover songs till late 2005, when the members started producing their own music. Even though the band tries not to be labeled as a single genre based band, it wouldn’t be wrong to call them an Indie alternative Maldivian rock band.

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1984 – Shadows in the sky from Søren Dahlgaard on Vimeo.

Sinking Streets from Søren Dahlgaard on Vimeo.

Music by Maldivian band: 1984. Song title: Barahanaa. Video: Sinking Streets by Hami Amir from Maldives.
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“Vaan vee goih hey?”

“This song is basically putting a question out there saying ‘is this what should be happening here?’. That is the literal translation of the title of the song. We are concerned about the state of the country as it has been under oppression as long as we can remember. From being a slaved community by its kingdom back in ancient times, we are finally able to voice out our concerns regarding freedom. This does not mean that the threat of being attacked by the people in power is not imminent. But we cannot stay quiet any longer and we must do something about this. I truly wish for a Maldives where us Maldivians can enjoy and appreciate the true beauty and harmony of the paradise that we have been blessed to be born in.”

Translation of the lyrics:

CHORUS: Is this what should be happening here?
We call the youth of the Maldives to wake up now.

Where is our independence?


Where is the benevolence in leadership?

Where is justice?


Where is friendship?

Where is awareness?



“Fiyavalhu means ‘step’ in Dhivehi. For decades we see people complaining about the current situation of the Maldives. Whenever anyone tries to accomplish any goal in their life, whether it be in their career, sports, hobbies or in doing whatever they are passionate about; it all comes down to “js look at the state of this country, we will never be able to do it unless – so and so improves”. Most people seem cynical about whatever anyone tries to do. Everyone is better than the rest. But no one really does anything.”

This song is dedicated to the step that we need to make in order to make our success. It is dedicated to everyone who is incompetent for whatever reason to do what they are supposed to do in life. And as of right now in the Maldives, we have to take this step for democracy. It is not an overnight process, but by taking one step at a time, we will get there. This song creates a profile for a few typical personalities who are stagnant; and then it exaggerates sarcastically on the silly reasons why they are not being productive. This song is also dedicated to taking the step towards renewable energy as the sustainability of our country gravely depends on global action towards it. We only have a 100 years or less.

Translation of lyrics:

Dhonfuthu (a traditional Maldivian mans’ name) is wearing round framed glasses.

The guitar hasn’t been played and left at the corner for too long.

The holhu ashi (a traditional Maldivian recliner seat) has been waiting for someone to sit on it for ages.

Aisaadhee (a traditional Maldivian ladies’ name) is waiting impatiently for the men to bring the boat onshore.

Kuda katheeb (deputy mayor) just stood there being nervous and confused.

The clock on my hand doesn’t work. (time itself has stopped working)

Lying uselessly infront of the obvious step that we need to take for success.



Maldivian band: Ahmed.

Ahmed – Bakari from Søren Dahlgaard on Vimeo.

Maldivian music video Bakari by Ahmed. Video directed by M. Shamheed. Asasi Records, Maldives.